Grumpy Old Man

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Grumpy Old Man

Postby FatherGino » Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:58 am

Friend of mine had four free VIP tickets (private balcony seats with attached room) to see Primus. So I went with him, his 20 something son and another friend of theirs. I'm not a Primus fan by any means but I figured he might be entertaining in an odd slap-happy lead bass sort of way. What a crappy show! He had a few runs and short solos which were impressive for their speed an precision but mostly he played chords and sounded like a heavy metal geetard. Didn't help that the sound sucked and I didn't understand more that a few dozen words he sang (said). This was at the new Oakdale theatre. Used to be a cool little theatre in the round but now that's the lobby to a cavernous warehouse that passes for a "theatre". Primus & the guitar player were mostly in the dark with a giant screen behind them playing weird video clips, cartoons and a very odd homage to Lee Van Cleef. Songs were all plodding, funk-less and boring to me and even the son who used to be a big fan. Crowd seemed happy enough and the 4th guy in our group loved it. He was drunker than shit though. Maybe that was my problem.
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Re: Grumpy Old Man

Postby Mr. Mom » Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:52 am

Welll....I'd say your were young and adventurous enough to go to the show to begin with! I wouldn't even have done that!

As far as Primus.....I'm in your camp. Must be over my head? Just don't get it. My fav thing Les Claypool has done is the theme song to South Park.

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Re: Grumpy Old Man

Postby Rhian Batson » Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:30 pm

Well, even Les has to get old. I am a fan and saw them back in midschool/highschool. Saw them for Sailing the Seas of Cheese and then in 95 IIRC for Pork Soda & Wynona's big brown beaver [smilie=grinning-smiley-044.gif] That was a great show! He's always had a really processed, non traditional sound.

Even Les has to have an off day here n there. At least the tickets were free! [smilie=food-smiley-004.gif]
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