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(Wednesday, 27 February 2008) Written by Uberjam

This site has really changed. I've always wanted to write a blog about something, or atleast have a place to write it. So musically speaking things are going well. I'm currently playing with several groups that challenge me to play better. Two of the gigs I've posted on the site are with a group called The Marshall Ruffin Trio. Marshall has a record contract and all that with a legitimate record label. He writes really great music. Check him out if you want.

 In that group I play only upright bass which is great because it forcing me to use my ear more. In my early days playing I learned the theory of how chords worked before I learned what they should actually sound like. It hasen't helped me as much as you might think. I'm getting to the point now where I can hear something and pick up it pretty quick but that comes from just playing with the radio and other people. How many times have you found yourself standing next to a guitarist while he starts playing and tune and asking you if you know this one? Anyway, Marshall's group is great. The drummer for the group is the percussion instructor at the local , very well known, college of music. He's very good and playing with him has broadened my palate.

I'm also playing with him in a different group that consists of several more college professors and a co-worker of mine. I'm in the Army Band and stationed at Fort Benning GA. I do a lot of playing at work and sometimes find co-workers while performing outside jobs. I call them outside jobs but to me it is all the same. I'm a musician first and a soldier second. Shhh... Don't tell anybody...

My two year old daughter is trying to help me type. I think it's almost her bedtime. I love that this site has a blog thing now. I will probably make several entries.



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