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Bass playing status
(Sunday, 07 September 2008) Written by Uberjam

I had a bass lesson from Jim Lambie yesterday. It's my third lesson with him. At the first lesson he gave me a cello suite to learn on electric bass. My first thoughts were something like this. "um... this would be for upright bass, not electric, what a waste of time." But as I've started learning the piece what I've learned is not the fingerings and shifts but the music and the melody. I played it yesterday for him at the lesson and technically I played it correctly, not perfectly, but mostly correct. Anyway when I was done he said I played it like I didn't care or like I was going through the motions. And I was just going through the motions. But now I've started trying to play it more musicially so hopefully things will change. 


I feel like I've leveled off. Like my learning curve has just stopped. I think it's because I'm moving now and I had to quit playing with the bands I was playing with. That sucks btw I was playing with a lot of good musicians. Hopefully when we get all settled in I can find some new players to play with and get back into learning. That is the best mode to learn in. The pressure is on to perform at your best and you don't want to let your bandmates down.


that's it for me. Wife is on the phone.



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