Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Matt De Silva at Guitar Man has received the first shipment and has started distribution of the G&L Fullerton USA made, Bad Ass "Babe's". He has checked out the first batch and says they are all great, light in weight, and the quality in each piece, is as we expected. Matt stated,"in addition to the thinner bodies, these are the first G&L basses to feature rolled edges on the fingerboards which will now be a standard feature. In addition to 22 unique basses, we've also got the first 22 with these features". We hope this to be the first of many great things we bring to BABP's. Thanks again to the "Thinking Cap Crew", Dave McLaren, Dave Chavez and the fine folks at G&L, for top notch attention to detail, and benchmark delivery time, Matt DeSilva, for all of his expertise and service, and my wife Karen for making this possible.Once these land safely in the hands of the perspective owners, we will venture to see what comes next. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures of them in action, posted throughout the forum.

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