Saturday, 12 January 2008

We are thrilled to announce the alliance with BadAssBassPlayers.com, G&L Guitars, and Guitar Man, to collectively bring the members, what we set out to deliver to members here back in January, with our trip to NAMM 07’. We have been working in the background with selected fellow members, Jim Green (spideyjg) Ken Baker, Jack Slattery (Templar), Mike Childree, Tris Carpenter (dukeplaysbass), Brad Dell (bdgotoh), and Garry Nutt, with a boat load of killer ideas, and I thank them all from the heart, for their expertise, insight, and knowledge. We decided to have G&L build a U.S.A. L2000, 4 string bass. This very special Limited Edition bass, will have 2 G&L Magnetic Field Design pickups, G&L Tri-Tone active/passive electronics, 3-way mini-toggle pickup selector for parallel / single coil / series switching (a stock L2K is parallel / series), preamp control mini-toggle (off/on/on with high end EQ boost), hard rock #8 (12” radius board, 1½” width at the nut) maple neck, a fretted ebony board sans fret markers, but with side position markers, Custom G&L "Ultra-Lite" with aluminum tapered string posts, an incredible translucent Black Burst finish over a swamp ash body, and a painted black headstock with the BABP’s logo at the end, all chrome hardware, and will ship in a G&L molded case. While G&L was willing to go where only Klingons have explored (did you like that Dave Mc? B^) ), with configurations and options, we decided that our first L.E. needed to be special enough with the switching and finish options, exclusive to members, while maintaining affordability. And simply BAD ASS. We’d like to especially thank Dave McLaren, Phyllis Fender, and Dave Chavez from G&L. Matt De Silva of Guitar Man for his great work ethic and trust to deliver here. Due to the discounted pricing we have worked out, G&L has requested that we do not publicly announce the pricing. Please correspond with Matt DeSilva via PM or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for pricing, ordering details, deadlines, roll out dates or anything else pertaining to the G&L “B.A.B.E” (Bad Ass Bass Edition). In the names of the great Mr. Leo Fender and George Fullerton…. Let’s do this!

Peter & Karen Dapello with Dave McLaren
Peter and Karen Dapello with Dave McLaren


Here is a photoshop pic of what it might resemble, courtesy of member Mike A

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