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Postby harleyyy » Sat Feb 04, 2006 2:44 pm

This will be the cutting edge hang for the real world bassist, by bassists. A site not for the weak or the timid, but the players with the passion for content on what matters most from the heart as a bassist, the music, the tone, the wood, the strings, the gear, the groove, the sweat, the stories.The driving force will be your input and your ideas because this site is about you. The commitment from this site's end will be a forum focused primarily on the music, then the gear, along with cool features for self-promotion and networking. Our only requests from members , is to post respectfully, as you would want to be respected, stay on topic, all things bass , and refrain from any cross thread posting amongst other sites. "Promoting" posts or links for other sites can also be deleted at our discretion. Any posts deemed derogatory towards BABP's business partners, or other businesses, can be deleted without notice at the discretion of BABP's. Comments and opinions of other companies, products, sites, etc... expressed here, are not necessarily those of BABP's. The "Harleyyy's Hang" forum is the place for off topic discussion. Rated R is acceptable throughout all forums, but use your discretion, as ridiculous posts, tags, pics, avatars, etc.,may be deleted without notice. Any threats or disrespectful comments publicly or in private messages made to members or Bouncers can result in a ban at our discretion. Political , racial, religious, or discriminating posts, taglines, etc.., will be deleted by decision of the Bouncers and or Admins. For repeat offenders, a ban will result without notice. We reserve the right to refuse membership for any reason decided upon. I had the fortunate opportunity to bring on great players and brothers of bass as "Bouncers" (moderators). We have alot of cool ideas in the works, so like the Druids, we will build this. Many thanks to Garry Nutt, Kirk Hayes, Stephen King, Marque Kelsey, Pete Fuller, Butch Ammons, Trane Francks, and all of the rest of you who inspired this site to happen, you know who you are! Thanks for believing. Let's do this! Peace brothers and sisters...PD

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