Am I crazy??

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Am I crazy??

Postby Mr. Mom » Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:43 pm

No. I'm just using my ears.

Been on a preamp run as of late. Something to use with my powered EV LiveX 1x12's for a bass rig. The preamp has to play nice with my Lakie Scheff (heavily modded) and my wonderful 2014 L2k AND my Full Circle equipped upright. Tried lotsa great preamps. BDDI, Paradriver, VT DI, DHA VT1 EQ DI, Demeter HBP-1, Ampeg SVP, Aggie Tonehammer, BBE Acoustimax, B-Max and prolly some others I just don't recall.

The winner?? My used, $85 Fishman Pro Platinum EQ Bass Preamp. The old version. I love it! Sounds great with my upright, but also sounds perfectly wonderful with my electrics. Has two great features that are very useful for live use: A decent (at or below 10:00) one knob compressor and a more-than-decent HPF. Also has a very well thought out 5 band EQ that is more than powerful enough, pre/post DI and 1/4" outs, and a phase switch (a must have for upright). AND it's powered by a 9v battery, a 9V power supply or phantom power. It's a true gigging machine,

It sounds soooo close to my Demeter that it's scary. Demeter has the edge in the "tubey-ness" department, but the Fishman has the edge in the "firm hit you over the head with a 2x4 bottom end" department.

Anyway. Just thought I'd share.

Carry on.
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