Alright Harry.... Here's how it went...

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Alright Harry.... Here's how it went...

Postby Johnny_B_Badd » Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:09 pm

I get to the show, SVT and Mesa RR1000 in tow. I take the G&L SB1 and the new FrankenJazz to cover the night. My guitarist is freaking out telling me "dude, something's gonna go wrong, it's a new bass". I eased his tension by telling him "it's not the bass, it's the guy playing it, and I never have problems during big shows". lol It's true though.

I get the rig all setup, strap up that beautiful FrankenJazz and flip the SVT off standby. Talk about getting the attention of everyone in the place. No effects, just a Shure ULXS wireless, a BBE maximizer, and the bass and amp. Bright would be an understatement. Ballsy, another. Fat, and thunderous... It was all that, and more. This bass was not only an eye catcher, but it threw down such a statement in the process. Yeah, it looks sweet, but looks can be deceiving. :) Cause this FrankenJazz is 100% tone monster.

Did the whole night with it. One small tuning adjustment only. And I did play the hell out of it too.

Harry, this is one hell of a bass you built. Thanks so much for hooking me up with it. Because now, it's my weapon of choice. Actually, I have 3 amazing weapons to choose from now. But this one, will see a LOT of stage time. :)

Next up on the gear addition... One of those 600's. :) We'll talk this week Pete. :)

Tube Amplification and a Full Range cabinet. Life just doesn't get any louder... :)
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Re: Alright Harry.... Here's how it went...

Postby hmagman » Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:00 pm


Wow! Great to hear your review of the bass! Sounds like you've found a (at least for awhile) "keeper". That bass does kick some butt! Just wasn't getting any time at my house... [smilie=smilie_kopf.gif]
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