Landed a cool gig this weekend.

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Landed a cool gig this weekend.

Postby SmittyG » Sat Sep 03, 2011 6:20 am

I would love to be known as the "top tier" guy of my scene who everyone thinks of when they are starting up the cool bands that will make the good money. But I'm not. I really don't know why. However, somehow, I have become known as the guy you call in when you need a bass player to stand in and there is zero, or almost no, prep time. I've done more gigs than I can count, with almost every kind of music, for popular local bands with less than a week's notice. Many times, I get 24 hours or less. Thus is the case this weekend. A local party/dance band is fronted by very talented lady who handles the vocals and the bass duties--and she is about three months shy of her PhD in music and has about a million gigs under her belt so she knows her stuff. Well, she had an accident Thursday and messed up her shoulder. She was still able to sing, but there was no way she could stand the weight of a bass on her shoulder for a night, much less an entire weekend. They were booked Friday, Saturday and Sunday at some pretty high-profile, well-paying gigs. I got the call. I still had my day job so I was able to run through some stuff Thursday night but, not much at all really. Friday, I had to go straight from my job to the show. It went pretty well, all and all. I would have loved to turn in a tighter performance, as we always would, but the audience and the band were quite happy with my effort. About to hit the road for Oklahoma for the next two shows. I guess I should be happy with the rep I have but, eventually, I would really like to land the sweet gig long-term instead of just for a weekend now and then.
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Re: Landed a cool gig this weekend.

Postby kennans » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:20 pm

Love it! That's a great rep to have!
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