Hofner Basses...Who likes em' ???

Re: Hofner Basses...Who likes em' ???

Postby godofthunder » Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:57 pm

I still have my '65 Hofner and two Kliras ! One of the Kliras was my first bass must have got it around '72. It is rare that I play either these days but I took the Hofner to a party to jam with a while ago and I just loved its open warm woody tone, the inherent sustain was wonderful, it took the place of my usual overdriven sound. The bass was alive. The only bass I use flat wounds on, well the Kliras have flats also. As for scale I have never had a problem switching from long to short, each bass seems to let me play it I don't even think oh sh-t I'm changing scales, I just pick up and play. Image
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