Postby Trane Francks » Wed May 30, 2007 3:09 am

I totally dig that photo of Jaco.
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Re: Wheeeeeeee

Postby Gil Escalera » Wed May 30, 2007 7:34 am

[smilie=coz.gif] I'm guessing it's in the default skin.

I use the subsilver skin cause I can't get used to the users on the right. [smilie=confused-smiley-013.gif]
To "B" or not to "B"... that is the question. ;)
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Re: Wheeeeeeee

Postby noahvale » Wed May 30, 2007 8:09 am

Pretty much all the cool new features of the board are only in the prosilver style. I have modified it to blueprosilver, which is a bit darker.
I added the pictures at the top of the forums, but that doesn't work in the subsilver2 style.
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