Ah, much better

Ah, much better

Postby Armybass » Sat Jun 02, 2007 11:11 am

Played my second gig with my new fretless Sterling and it was much better intonation wise. I played a jazz quartet gig with vibes, guitar and congas. It was much easier in an small indoor club for me to lock in. The music was a bit more simple in it's harmonic structure and content so that made it easier and it was somewhat at a lower volume level too. The one issue I did have this time was the guitar player and his stomping all over my space. He also played a hollow body jazz box and was real boomy and loud. I love the cat to death but it was a real drag. When ever my solos came up, he never dropped his volume. He was comping as loud as he was soloing. I really like the guy a lot but it did make playing my fretless a bit more difficult. My solos on the first set were better as we were at a much lower volume. My intoantion was not perfect, but it actually sounded like I had a clue this time....LOL.

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