3 Lakland Series? Shoreline?

3 Lakland Series? Shoreline?

Postby nolabass » Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:23 pm

I don't surf any where but here and stumbled onto the Japan only Shoreline series. Feel like there's a whole new batch of eye candy to look at even though it's all familiar. The idea of an ESP built Lakland sounds pretty solid. http://www.espguitars.co.jp/lakland/sho ... index.html
Theres also a Japan Skyline Series.
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Re: 3 Lakland Series? Shoreline?

Postby Johnny Alien » Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:15 am

I have heard all kinds of stories as to WHY the Shoreline series exists but I can't confirm any of them. I know that the Shoreline is for the Japanese market only and does not get exported. They never get sent to the US for setup at the Lakland facility. They are 100% made and sold in Japan. They have a few more choices than Skylines (alder body and more color choices) but have the same non-US hardware and neck finish as the Skyline series. If you wanted to buy one you could probably get one shipped over but they cost the same as the US line with shipping so there is no reason to do that. Some people say they sit between the Skyline line and US line in terms of quality while others say they are similar in quality to the Skylines. I am sure they are nice but too expensive to try out so I have never touched one or even seen one in real life.

As far as Japanese Skylines...I think those are the same Skylines that we get in the US. I don't think they make a special Skyline series for Japan.
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