New Lakland Fan

New Lakland Fan

Postby FatherGino » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:27 am

I made a pilgrimage to Bass Central in February looking to buy a new bass. I was really cool to be able to briefly noodle with so many interesting basses in one spot. Nowadays one of my first concerns was weight, so I'd take the bass and put it on their shipping scale before plucking a single note. Over 9.5 lbs and back in the case it goes. I thought I was going to buy a 2 PU MM Sterling or maybe a Big Al but I ended up most impressed with a 8.5 lb. 44-02. The neck with its relatively small frets was exquisite. I haven't played a fretted bass in eons and this 44-02 felt by far the most comfortable. Still took me some months to get used to it. Built in muscle memory tries to put my fretting finger right on the note (on a fretless) which would sometimes over shoot and end up playing a half step up or more often a poor contact crappy sounding mess. In other words, what would yield a slightly sharp note on the fretless made for a mess. But it's much better now and I'm getting more & more used to this new world of round wound strings and virtually endless sustain, a far cry from my high actioned, 5 year old flat-wounded Sabre. Not that the Sabre is bad, just way different, which was kind of the idea of buying something else in the first place.

With all the supposed tonal flexibility of this thing, I find I pretty much put all the PUs on and set tone controls almost flat especially since the DR rounds have finally mellowed out some. I find very little difference with toggling to coil tap with both PUs on, I don't really want a Stingray sound and I just don't care for the bridge PU soloed. Maybe my deafness has something to do with this perception :)

Here's a question for you Lakland affectionatos though. At Bass Central I also played a bunch of other Skylines; Duck Dunn, J type, etc. The necks on these seemed totally different to me. The frets seemed bigger, higher. Lakland says the frets should be the same. What's the deal? Am I imagining this difference? Did I find a particularly nice 44-02? Having never owned a P bass sometimes I think I really should do so before I expire but I want one that plays like this 44-02.
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Re: New Lakland Fan

Postby MickeyOne » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:21 pm

Tested out a 44-02 this week and the neck was very impressive.
Best imported neck I've played.
Neck width and profile should work for most players-not quite jazz thin or rounded-very comfortable.
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