Suggestions needed - effects with Piezo

Re: Suggestions needed - effects with Piezo

Postby 57RIP » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:38 am

Sounds like more a matter of finding a chorus and Reverb with some controllable parameters. I have used a Boss Super Chorus with my piezo equipped Godin's. It seems to work fine - not that I have a use for it but curiosity got me ... generally that sit's in my guitar rig. The chorus and delay's (reverb and echo) on the Roland GR-20 synth with my Godin A4/SA is OK - If I were going for *the best* chorus out there it would be from the Choral Flange ... I just don't have enough call to justify it though particularly when I can use a plug-in if I'm recording ...

Another option for really good modulation effecs is the low end Lexicon rack unit. (MPX 110 ?) That one has instrument input and also works as a headphone amp! Great verb and chorus and flange and echo ... I used an MX-200 as my FOH 'verb for a while. I dug that one a lot. They sell in the $125 to $150 range used if you can live with the rack format.
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