What's it called?

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Re: What's it called?

Postby GonzoBass » Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:28 am

noahvale wrote:The First Rule

Heh, you beat me to it.
Glad someone remembered though!
Thanks Butch.

noahvale wrote:It helps to say triplet when reading triplets: tri-pul-let

I teach;
ONE-trip-let, TWO-trip-let, THREE-trip-let...

noahvale wrote:Speaking of blues, triplets and drummers.. My absolute biggest pet peeve that drummers do in blues is to think that they have to do huge across the kit turnarounds on every turnaround in a blues shuffle, invariably not making it back to the one at least once. [smilie=angry-smiley-005.gif]

One morning, while listening back to a gig recording I'd made with "Rhythm X",
I called my muso son Nick over.
Pulling an earbud out, I told him,
"Wanna know why Josh is my favorite drummer?
Come listen to what he does on this transition right here".
I skipped the mp3 back a bit
(it was Stevie Wonder's "Superstition")
and we listen together as Josh went from verse to chorus.
Nick shrugged and says,
"What? He didn't do anything."
"I know! Ain't it great?!
He played straight through it!!!"

Just one of the reasons Josh is on 'speed dial' at my house-
No holding your breath for the one....


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