Looking for bass player in CT

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Looking for bass player in CT

Postby FatherGino » Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:38 am

Local band centered in East Windsor, CT looking for bass player. 2 guitars, drums & female lead singer. I've played with all but the singer for years. Good people, good players, no immense egos. They will book decent paying gigs if they can get this thing off the ground. All in their 50's. I've played (and am still playing with) the drummer and guitar players for 5 years. Not real sure what their material would be but I suspect eclectic blues oriented rock.

Looking for bass player with vocal harmony ability. I'd play with them myself but I'm already in two bands presently.

If anyone is interested or knows someone who might be, send me a PM. [smilie=food-smiley-004.gif]
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