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Postby oneluckyguy » Sat Feb 15, 2014 4:20 pm

Found this posted on a RIP thread for a young 20 year old who committed suicide. True words o.o -

People come into your life and people make exits from your life. Some show up to teach you about yourself, and some show up to teach you about other people and how the world works. Some showed up, seemingly out of nowhere, because the universe thought that perhaps you needed a warm heart to be hugged inside of. And a very select few come in like whirlwinds, make pinpricks on your soul, and exit this world just as fast as they came into it.

I cannot say Salus and I were the best of friends. I suppose my relationship with him was mere acquaintance. I knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy. But, that guy left his footprints wherever he went and I suppose I consider myself one of the lucky ones - someone who was blessed to know him at all, no matter how small the capacity of knowledge was. He has a blessed soul and if that’s the only thing I ever learned about him, it is enough.

The expression is as true today as it ever was. You never quite know what you have until it’s gone. If I can learn anything from Salus’ death, it is this: have a presence in the lives of the people you adore, because in the end, all we have is each other, and sometimes we’re not even left with that much.

Rest, Salus. You are missed beyond measure.
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