Ross Valory

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Ross Valory

Postby harleyyy » Sun Feb 26, 2006 5:16 pm



GREATEST HITS LIVE (1998, Columbia Records)
TRIAL BY FIRE (1996, Columbia Records)
TIME3 (1992, Columbia Records)
THE BALLADE (1991, Sony Japan)
WHEEL IN THE SKY (1991, ???, Austria)
GREATEST HITS (1988, Columbia Records)
FRONTIERS (1983, Columbia Records)
ESCAPE (1981, Columbia Records)
CAPTURED (1981, Columbia Records)
DREAM, AFTER DREAM (1980, Sony Records)
IN THE BEGINNING (1980, Columbia Records)
DEPARTURE (1980, Columbia Records)
EVOLUTION (1979, Columbia Records)
INFINITY (1978, Columbia Records)
NEXT (1977, Columbia Records)
LOOK INTO THE FUTURE (1976, Columbia Records)
JOURNEY (1975, Columbia Records)

The Storm

EYE OF THE STORM (1996, Music For Nations)

THE STORM (1991, Interscope)

Sy Klopps Blues Band

OLD BLUE EYE IS BACK (1995, Sy Records)

WALTER EGO (1993, Guitar Recordings)
Bass on most songs

Steve Miller Band

THE BOX SET (1994, unknown)
Steve Miller Band
Plays bass on "Rock Love"

ROCK LOVE (1971, Capitol)

Fumious Bandersnatch

A YOUNG MAN'S SONG (1996, Ace Records?)

(single only) (1968, unknown)
Plays bass on "I Asked My Doctor"

Guest Appearances

PIRANHA BLUES (1999, Shrapnel Records)
Neal Schon

2ND WIND (1991, Warner Bros.)
Todd Rundgren

ONE (1989, Triad)
Minoru Niihara

HERE TO STAY (1982, Columbia Records)
Schon & Hammer
Bass on "Self Defense"


ARMAGEDDON (1998): "Remember Me"
VISION QUEST (1985): "Only the Young"
TWO OF A KIND (1983): "Ask The Lonely"
RISKY BUSINESS (1983): "After the Fall"
TRON (1982): "Only Solutions" and "1990's Theme"
HEAVY METAL (1981): "Open Arms"
DREAM, AFTER DREAM (1980): Album "Dream, After Dream"
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Re: Ross Valory

Postby Jerry » Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:26 pm

Ross has been to a few of our gigs before, but last night he sat in, he sounded great!
Aloha, Jerry
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Re: Ross Valory

Postby Rob Francis » Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:55 pm

Wow! What a body of work
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Rob Francis

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