More Fat Punch From Single Coil P Pups?

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More Fat Punch From Single Coil P Pups?

Postby doc540 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:44 am

I know their design doesn't lend to getting fat punch but are there any secrets to getting some of it out of them?

I bought this Classic Vibe '54 P with a Rio Grande, single coil.

Really need some help here with it. [smilie=coz.gif]
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Re: More Fat Punch From Single Coil P Pups?

Postby aussiemark » Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:39 pm

My Nash '51P has a Seymour Duncan Vintage "Hot" single coil, and it's more than enough punchy. It's got a higher output than my two Lollar-equipped Ps or my Tokai. Flats obviously help in the punch department as well (TIs on mine).
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Re: More Fat Punch From Single Coil P Pups?

Postby pbassplayer » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:59 am

about a yr ago i bought a squire classic vibe 50s p that has a s/c p/u,,not much punch,even w/ flats.i just use a sansamp bddi and that helps a lot,fattens it right up.(also helps w the noise a little)

long ago i had a orig 1955 p bass,same issue,,i put a duncan hot 1/4 lb'er on it and that was nice and punchy
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Re: More Fat Punch From Single Coil P Pups?

Postby Gil Escalera » Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:04 am

A friend of mine had a '51 RI (might have been the Sting model I don't remember) that he popped a Seymour Duncan Antiquity in. It did the traditional sound well which was what he wanted; however he also wanted to be able to get a little bit more 'punch' in addition to what he was already getting... if he wanted.

I installed a Raven Labs PBR-1 in it and that gave him what he was looking for. The PBR-1 does a good job of not altering the tone IF you don't want to, but can also add more too IF you want. This was their promo, that I basically agree with:

Raven Labs wrote:Great care has been taken to insure the integrity of the instruments original sound, while adding the advantages of an active circuit. These include greater tonal flexibility, hotter output signal, low output impedance, and eliminating tone changes due to the loading of the pickup by effects and DI boxes. As well, the PBR-1 will give the user a more natural, open, even and "airy" response.

The control functions remain in the traditional arrangement of Volume and Tone. The Volume can boost the signal up to two times the standard output. The Tone knob boosts the bass in one direction while slightly cutting the high end. In the opposite direction, the Tone knob boosts the treble while slightly cutting the low end response.

Although this worked, not many folks are interested in adding a preamp to a P bass. I can see a SABDDI helping in this situation without doing anything to the bass as mentioned above.

- Gil
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Re: More Fat Punch From Single Coil P Pups?

Postby Golem » Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:54 pm

Try a shorter cord.

If you've played mostly active basses [which I wouldn't know
if you did ... ], then like myself you've prolly come to taking
your cords for granted. With a passive ax, especially an old
design, cords sometimes really matter [and sometimes not].

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