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Postby ken woodward » Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:34 am

I'm finding myself doing some down tuning these days to D. After carrying around 2 basses, I decided to try out the DR DDT's. Being as I normally use .045-.105 DR High Beams, I opted for the .055-.115 DDR's. After setting them up on my MM Sterling, and getting them tuned to the normal pitch, I down tuned them to D,G,C,F. I was amazed at the clarity and tone quality. The only problem I ran into was the almost reversed neck relief when downtuned.(Duh). I guess you have to find a happy medium for neck relief to accomodate the problem. I think the strings are great, and I can see me using them on a down tuned bass, but as for me,it looks like I'll still be taking 2 basses to the gig. One with standard tuning, and the other with the DDR's downtuned to D. Anyone else run into this issue? Maybe if you used them on a beefier neck such as a P bass. I strung these up on my Sterling, with the narrow neck. I'm sure they would perform better on heavier neck. Ken
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