Latest Configuration Change in the Search for Tone

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Latest Configuration Change in the Search for Tone

Postby charII » Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:18 pm

May 2 update:
Tried it out with the Jack Casady bass last Saturday, it has only one pickup, so ran a patch cable from channel A input 2 to channel B input 1. Still has that elusive tone I have been searching for. If you are in the SF Bay Area, will be at Lou's this Thursday and Danville Friday.

April 10:
Had about an hour of spare time with sunshine and decided to cut the wires to the horn in the 2x10 avatar cabinet. Took a look at the wiring and jacks on the plate, it has 2 x 1/4" phone jacks plus a speakon all wired parallel. Hmmm, so cut all the wires to leave it at one 1/4" jack goes to one speaker and the other 1/4" jack goes to the other speaker. Now why would I take a perfectly good cabinet and mess with it?

A long time ago, when the pickups were changed, I had the bass wired stereo (2-pickups) and played through 2-channel amp and assorted speakers. That equipment is just too heavy to move around these days for the gigs I am doing, so its in storage. Back to the Future, here is the setup.

Guild Starfire II with Hi-A pickups (stereo out, neck and bridge pickup)
Alembic f2-B preamp (tube - 2 channels)
Crown D-75 one-rack power amp, 35 watts per channel
into the 2x10 cabinet which is now like 2 single 10s.
Fairly light rig and a quick setup to plug in.

Played at 3 different venues and really digging the tone. Had a friend sit in an play for awhile so I could walk around and listen in the audience.
Charlie "High Tide"

Re: Latest Configuration Change in the Search for Tone

Postby charII » Sun May 15, 2011 5:30 pm

Beer four: It's been over a month of steady gigging and really happy with the tone coming out of the setup.
Its simple yet complex; explaining it seems to elicit glazed eyes.
Mr Charlie "high tide"

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