Aguiar 350 or 500

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Aguiar 350 or 500

Postby FatherGino » Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:23 am

So now that I've sold some old stuff that means I can buy more new stuff, right? I sold all of my bigger amps and have just a STM 900. I'm really interested in a little TH amp mostly as a backup. I'm normally playing these days with two Aguilar SL 112s in small to medium clubs. I figure the TH 350 would fill the bill and who knows maybe I would like it even more the the Streamliner. The 350 would make a great backup amp; it's tiny and significantly cheaper than the 500.


Every so often I play outdoors with minimal or no PA support. Besides the two SLs, I've got two Aggie GS 112s as well as a 2X10, all 8 ohm cabs. I'd like the ability to use 3 or four of these cabs at once. I wonder if this is even completely necessary but sometimes it's just fun to run a big pile of speakers and vibrate my internal organs a bit.

If I'm correct (I'm asking for confirmation here,) I could slave the power amp of either the Genz or the TH 500 by using the effects out from one into the effects in on the other. The TH 350 does not have an effects loop which I otherwise would never use.

Is there still some way to slave the 350 to the Genz?

What would happen if I just got a Y patch cord and set the two amps individually? Inelegant perhaps but I wouldn't be doing this very often.
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