Yet another string tension question

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Yet another string tension question

Postby pbman1953 » Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:29 am

As TI flats are my #1 flat I have tried the TI JR344's. The JR344 rounds are good but some basses have trouble with them due to the gauge/tension. This was explained to me from a guitar tech. I do have the JR's on a couple Lakland Skylines with no issues but on others like Fender Jazz, they buzz.

Does anyone have any other string suggestions that could make me as happy , with respect to sound and feel like the Ti rounds?

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Re: Yet another string tension question

Postby Mike Childree » Mon Sep 22, 2014 12:54 pm

You'll find several fans of the D'Addario Chromes hereabouts....myself included. I like the tone of very old TI flats, but I can't deal with the slack tension. Other flats have too much tension....Chromes seem to be a nice compromise. And they're a helluva lot cheaper than TIs.

EDIT - my apologies...realized you were asking for rounds recs, after I'd posted....
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Re: Yet another string tension question

Postby Golem » Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:35 pm


IIRC, TI Power Rounds will deliver all the tension you'd ever need.

As for sound, I really don't recall. In general I don't dig RWs, so my
opinion of the differences between them isn't worth much to any
one else. I do recall the TI power Rounds really hotted up my FL
Peavey G-Bass. Thaz a single soapbar in the P-bass spot, so there's
no real Bridge PU for dial-up hottitude, so you gotta get that from
the strings. Also a basswood body, so if Power Rounds can hot up
a basswood FL that has no bridge PU, seems to me that thaz a hot
toned string.

As to tension, it had a good FL hum, and I tune DGCF, so it woulda
had even more tension at EADG.

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