Schack, anyone?

Schack, anyone?

Postby oogie boogie » Wed May 10, 2006 4:49 pm

This dude makes some ofthe illest basses on the planet. I've got one, and can think of few others that have even compared. I say that having tried instruments the likes of Alembics, Foderas, Smiths, Hotwire, Status, Warwick, CT, Zon, Modulus, Lakland, OLD Fenders, and loads of others. So far the only axes that have come close are David King's work and a Moerch that belonged to Mark Egan.

He also used to make Slapper basses. Headless designs or headed, as you like, bolt-on or neck-through, wood or graphite and some of the sickest pickup systems on this planet. As for the woods...*chokes*.Image

That's me and my baby. Now it just needs a fretless friend.

oogie boogie

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