Warwick Thumb 6-string

Warwick Thumb 6-string

Postby Uberjam » Wed Jun 20, 2007 2:08 pm

I play bass for the army and I've been given the chance to buy a new bass for the unit. It'll be the army's bass but for as long as I'm at this post it'll be mine. I'm thinking about the Warwick thumb 6-string and I was wondering if anybody had played or owned one. I've played a few warwicks and I've always loved their tone. I have played a lot of different basses being in the army band field and i'll always have my fender jazz as a back up, but I'd still like to know if anybody has played one of these beautiful basses. I wish I had time to drive up to Atlanta and sit around playing a few but I'm just too busy, so I've spent a few nights now reading reviews before crashing and the warwick thumb series seems to have only one downfall, they are heavy. Which I don't mind. I'll be playing this bass sitting down for the most part jamming along with a jazz combo at some high brass drinky party. The band already has a roscoe and a fedora but they have seen better days.
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Re: Warwick Thumb 6-string

Postby oogie boogie » Mon Jul 09, 2007 10:54 am

I've played a couple, and they are all very neck-heavy. It's not so much the over all weight, it's that it's constantly trying to pull your shoulder foraward. Also, I find the necks to be rather bulky, and not wide enough string spacing for comfort. I'd much sooner get a Ken Smith (NOT Burner series), or a Sadowsky NYC. Hell, if it's the army's dime, you might even look into a Fodera. I'm much happier seeing the army buying top quality musical instruments and trying to culturally enrich than killing people. Not to say that I don't support the service and the people who promise to defend our nation with their very lives, cuz I'm a vet myself, but killing people is never cool. Playing bass is way cooler.
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