8 strings - first time out

Re: 8 strings - first time out

Postby GonzoBass » Sun Jul 08, 2007 10:04 pm

I do use a pick with mine (a thumb pick sometimes) using down strokes mostly,
but fingerpicking chords is a lot of fun too!

It gives up a great growl when driven hard (almost overdriven) for rock stuff:
ALA Jeff Ament's tone with some Pearl Jam songs,
and with a bit of chorus it gives beautiful clean chords and harmonics.

Also, I lay my fretting fingers flatter,
at a bit of an angle,
aiming between the strings to catch the higher octave string clean.
(As I am sure you do too)

It IS a different groove on your finger.
Isn't it?

It just took some practice time spent with the bass
so it could show me exactly how to work it...

My big complaint?
Strings are fuggin' expensive!!!

Did you get yourself a Rhapsody?
Mine was a 10th anniversary gift from the Mrs.-



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Re: 8 strings - first time out

Postby Golem » Mon Jul 09, 2007 10:25 am

gweimer wrote:I decided to go out on a whim and get myself an 8-string bass. I got a good deal on a Dean 8-string, and took it out for a test run tonight, using the Phil Jones Bass Buddy I just got.

It sounded pretty good from what I could hear, but I learned a few things:

1. If you haven't played in a couple months, take it easy
2. There's a reason why people use picks on these.
3. 3 songs and one monster blister later, I was done.

How do you other guys handle the multiple string basses like this? Any tips on getting used to them?

Disclaimer: This is from someone who gave up on double course basses after two of them ....

The best thing I did to both of mine was file deep notches in the saddles for the bass strings, so the top surface of both the bass and octave strings would be at the same height. That way, the octave string is no longer 'hiding behind' the bass string on the upstroke. This required shimming under the bridge to get the action back up. I played fingerstyle, never with a pick. Also, experiment with whether you prefer the high side of your pairs to be 5ths or 8ths.

If you're anywhere near as klutzy as me, you hafta fudge the intonation for the whole beast cuz closing notes on two strings at a time of very differing diameters leads to large degrees of unintended string bending. IOW, the middle range of the neck will go sharp so you hafta push the saddles back. This will make the very high range flat, but an 8-string sounds really awful up there anyway so who cares.

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