SB-1 & B-15

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SB-1 & B-15

Postby jamie » Wed Oct 07, 2015 2:41 am

Been playing my SB-1 through my 1968 + up Ampeg B-15.

Fantastic match up. Beautiful sound. IMO P-Style basses sound best through the "B".

Bought this ol amp as a parts build. Chassis & Theile Cab were separate purchases several years back.

Needs the dolly, new grille cloth, tube cage, shock mounts, and a CTS or Altec speaker.


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Re: SB-1 & B-15

Postby bdgotoh » Thu Oct 08, 2015 6:02 pm

Congrats Jamie, that's certainly a classic amp and I know the SB-1 sounds great through it.
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Re: SB-1 & B-15

Postby ghiadub » Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:13 pm

Cant go wrong there.
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Re: SB-1 & B-15

Postby Mr. Mom » Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:17 am

DANG that's a sweet looking bass!
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