Hofner '63 Reissue neck "reset" question

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Hofner '63 Reissue neck "reset" question

Postby felig » Sun Jun 19, 2011 9:14 am

I've got a Hofner Cavern & 2 of the '63 Reissues that all have the same type of neck joint--you know the ones that have the body end of the neck sort of suspended over the body so that the strap can be passed under & tied like Beatle Paul always did. One of the '63 reissues has developed a high action that I can't correct via tweaking the rod or the bridge height. I eyeballed the end of the fretboard in relation to the neck pickup height for both of the 63 RIs & also the Cavern. The end of the neck in question is almost level with the pickup vs. the other 63 & the Cavern where the neck end is visibly higher than the pickup. This is also reflected in the fact that there is less clearance between the body & the underside of the suspended neck portion of the bass in question...a strap fits much more tightly under the neck on this bass....which leads me to my question, I wonder if it would be possible to bypass a neck reset by merely forcing a thick enough leather strap in this area in order to push the neck back to where it would end up with the fretboard being closer to the strings? And, if the strap were left in place long enough, would the neck sort of settle to the point where it would no longer need to be supported to keep the action at a good point?

I've never had to have a neck reset before, although just about every real '60s Hofner that I've seen has had a neck reset. I worry that the troglodytes who do guitar repairs locally might make things worse if I have them do a reset.
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