speaker voice coil pinch anyone?

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speaker voice coil pinch anyone?

Postby randall » Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:42 pm

So I play a gig and everything is fine with my rig. Next time I go to use it at a gig, my cab doesn't work. I open it up and find the cone frozen solid. Grab another cab, do the gig. Later I cut open the cone and find the voice coil simply cannot be moved. The center pole had broken loose, shifted and attached to the magnet, pinching the voice coil in place. Now I understand that this often happens as the result of a cab getting dropped, etc. but, this cab was not dropped, driven too hard nor handled rough in any way. It just snapped. Very odd indeed, and I wonder has anyone else experienced this ever? The speaker is a 500 watt Eminence Delta 12LF. [smilie=coz.gif]
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Re: speaker voice coil pinch anyone?

Postby Golem » Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:38 pm


It's a sooper-long-excusion driver ... wonder if
that leaves it vulnerable to such an incident on
rare occasions ... of which you may be the
unfortunate statistic ?

I have the non-LF version which IIRC has the
same x-long excursion. No problems so far and
I really dig this [in an Aguilar non-twet cab].

Wonder if it might be productive to contact
Eminence about it ?


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