Gonna Off My NSD 5

Gonna Off My NSD 5

Postby Golem » Fri Oct 04, 2013 4:54 pm


Every time I bring an EUB I bring my 4-string. So, I'm thinking
no use keeping the 5 around. It's an NSD CR5M. Browsing the
online sales, they seem to be going just below $2k. Mine is an
earlier one with a 3-way switch instead of a fader for the piz
vs arco 'polarization' control, but that doesn't seem to affect
the prices I've seen.

Anybody got any feedback, like "Online sellers are dreamers
and the NSD at the local GC has sat for 8 months at $1500" ?
Any kinda real-world input ? Acoarst I'll wanna maximize my
return on it, but I also gotta move it, zoom-zoooom :-)

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