Still Got This Old Kustom...

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Still Got This Old Kustom...

Postby Sloom » Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:13 pm

Trace Elliot AH250GP7SM, 90s era, pre-Gibson (have to say that! Lol!). Got new filter caps, works quietly and flawlessly. Even the 'Mute' toggle works! Master Gain knob is slightly off-center due to a bend in the faceplate that's virtually un-noticeable. The amp looks mint, no cosmetic distractions for the glorious snot-green graphics. [smilie=icon_biggrin.gif] Needs rack ears or sleeve, call British Audio Service... I've got $250 into it, I'd like to get it back out again! Comes with ratty soft-case, $250.

Trace head has been sold
to the guitarist in my punk band,"The Same". [smilie=music-smiley-005.gif] Which means, of course, that I still get to use it sometimes! [smilie=music-smiley-005.gif]

GK 1001RB-II, in about-perfect condition. Faceplate is cosmetically flawless, minor scratching on top is not even worthy of mention. It's a great amp! I'm looking to be very nimble for last-minute calls, so I'm moving over to an MB(2) 500... gotta move this to do it... The head has rack-ears and a Speakon 4-conductor bi-amp cable (for the GK neo cabs), $450

GK has been sold...

Kustom K 200B, 70s era. Black tuck n' roll, has also got new filter caps and a clean bill of health. Small tear where you can't see it in the Naugahyde, one replaced knob (close though). I've got $400 into it. Purple jewel-light on black plexiglass faceplate (sexy... [smilie=grinning-smiley-003.gif] ). So there it is, a loud and proud 100w Garage-Dreamer's Chick-Magnet, $400...


Revised notes:
This one is still around, tho it probably wont' sell due to it's high price here. This is one of the rare ones- a Series 6- with the 'Selectone' switch on the left channel. Apparently this was previously a feature of the Kasino heads and combos, not used in the Kustom line until this one, which has been checked out as having been manufactured in the period Jan-March of 1970. I'm not really all that hype to sell it, but if I do it's at a price to recoup what I've got into it...

Trades for the right stuff + cash could get entertained however: SWR Goliath-II, other SWR cabs... small mid-level recording mixer (not Behringer), decent condenser mics...

More pix and stories available on request. Thanks for checking in.
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