which one got away ? which one you keep'n ? which one not a

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which one got away ? which one you keep'n ? which one not a

Postby pbassplayer » Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:05 pm

i had a january 66 candy apple red,bound dot neck jazz bass i bought in the early 80s from a guy stationed at the local air force base.
by far the best j/bass i ever had,(and i had a few pre cbs j's through the years)
real punchy tone,played like butter,never went out of whack and just way cool look'n.
i wish i still had this..

my 64 p/bass (sunburst)
feels good in my hands
"this one's going in the box w/ me"

i have a real nice sunburst w/gold anodized p/g 58p that plays well,has no issues, but i just don't like it as much as my 64.
i believe our own kebo once owned this instrument
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Re: which one got away ? which one you keep'n ?

Postby hoytbasses » Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:07 pm

the blonde precision I bought as my first 'real' bass when I got out of the Navy in 1974....
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Re: which one got away ? which one you keep'n ? which one not a

Postby Templar » Sat Feb 28, 2009 8:01 pm

There's a whole buncha "got aways" for me, managed to snag most of them in the 70's. A few truly exceptional ones come to mind. I wince whenever I think about them.

1) Dead mint '58 P, 3-tone, pancake neck.

2) Dead mint '62 Jazz, 3-tone, 3-knob, slab board, mutes.

3) NOS never played '63 P, Burgundy Mist. Bound for Japan, but intercepted at the 1963 Chicago NAMM show by a local Fender dealer for his private collection. Could'nt believe my eyes when I saw it for sale in his store in 1978.

4) NOS '68 Telecaster bass, Pink Paisley, with hang tags, etc. Never liked this bass, but figured it could be worth something someday.

5) Dead mint '68 Ric 4001, Maple-glo, horseshoe, slightly aged patina. Seriously one of the prettiest damn guitars ever.

Anyway thanks for the painful reminder! [smilie=fun_84.gif]
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Re: which one got away ? which one you keep'n ? which one not a

Postby Kevin Probass Borden » Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:12 pm

WOW - Ones that got away

1962 J - Now owned by Greg Calvert
1963 P - Sonic blue in the carton, never tuned
1964 Black Translucent TBird IV that I bought from Mike Lull
1958 P - Dakota
1967 Tbird IV - Frost and MINT
1964 Rick 4001 - the one in the Rick book
1965 Rick 4005 - Flamed to death
1961 Oly Stacker J
1961 CAR Stacker J - sequential SN to the Oly
Sold these to buy my house

The killer to lose
1964 TBird II in Frost - Traded for a Fiesta 1961 Pbass

Oy vey - I gotta stop...
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Re: which one got away ? which one you keep'n ? which one not a

Postby Smith Era Fender » Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:43 am

Usually if I find a great one I KEEP it HAHA!

My collection has gotten to the point where I have so many "keepers" that I just know that I'll regret getting rid of any of them LOL!If there was one keeper that got away through the years I'd have to say it was a S/B '66 P-Bass.Mainly because it was in mint shape.Didn't play incredibly but had great tone.Sold it to by my CAR '66 w/blocks matching J.The '66 J is better.However I still miss that '66 P.Still have a pic hanging on my wall of that bass to remind me to NEVER get rid of a "keeper" again LOL!
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