Hey PA Knowing Dudes....question.....

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Re: Hey PA Knowing Dudes....question.....

Postby Floyd Eye » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:28 pm

Unfortunately there is no "easy fix" for EQ. You need to understand the different frequencies all the instruments "live" in and adjust accordingly. For most applications a "Feedback destroyer" is nearly useless. I use 31 bands, particularly on monitors where feedback is more prevalent. Honestly though, since I switched to high quality powered tops and subs which have built in DSP EQ is barely necessary. Go with a digital console and outboard EQs are a thing of the past. As are gates and compressors.

If I am misunderstanding and you are talking about using GEQs with your bass heads I have no relevant input as it is my opinion these are unnecessary and usually do more harm than good. Buy the amps that sound good to you and mic them with an RE20 or use a Reddi or some other quality DI and use your own SE.
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