Drum Solos All Night Long (a rant)...

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Drum Solos All Night Long (a rant)...

Postby Sloom » Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:32 pm

I play in a reggae band. From time to time during a set, someone will call out, "Drum n' bass!!", and all but drums and bass will drop out, leaving us to carry the song along on this fundamental level. It's neat- creates a subdued but still torqued-up vibe. It helps the tension move along without the excitement of the guitar and keyboard comping.

So in our band, every time "Drum n' bass!!" comes around, the drummer takes the opportunity to make as much noise, and release as much of the tension in the song, as possible. Fine, I guess... but it's becoming tedious and obnoxious. Tomorrow at our next gig I'm going to just step aside and let him have the floor. Every time he does it. I'm such a vicious bastard...

Of course I'm going to speak to him, but I expect no return on my investment in time and energy. Whatever, it's a gig and I get paid to be there! Not everything is art, I guess. You know, for all the talk of peace and justice and love in reggae music, it's populated by just as many hot-heads and egotists as any other popular form. Maybe it's worse! In fact I'm almost sure of it.
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