Bass Playing Goals for 2011

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Re: Bass Playing Goals for 2011

Postby Cheap Bass Tard » Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:19 am

Rod -

Thanks for the bump. Was just thinking about this thread not too long ago.

Here's where I am:

1) Clean up my slap technique on the 5-string so I can ditch my 4-bangers (muting, hit open E without the B-string ringing, etc...)

Slowly getting there on this one. However the more I play slap, the more I am convinced I can and should use a 4-banger. I can do OK with the 5er now however. Played a few decent sized gigs (including County Fair) while slapping the 5er. Still need to expand my slap "vocabulary" and get my speed up a bit more, but it's progressing.

2) Incorporate more open strings in my playing to facilitate easy position shifts

Haven't needed to do this much so not a lot of progress here

3) Learn to use harmonics to outline chord tones for as many chords as possible

Nothing significant to report

4) Work on my fretless intonation/playing to the point where I would be comfortable bringing it to a gig

I've played fretless at a couple smaller gigs. I can get away with it, but mainly because it's a lined fretless and I am a total "neck looker". I'll take partial credit for this one.

5) Practice singing and playing at the same time to make myself more marketable as a player

Making progress here. Have added harmonies on several songs in our repertoire and am singing lead on 2 songs now. Working to expand this to more songs as we add to the set list.
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Re: Bass Playing Goals for 2011

Postby MoBeach » Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:38 pm

Get better at Jazz on bass, guitar and drums.
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Alright Fellas it's That Time....

Postby Cheap Bass Tard » Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:23 pm

Updates on goals....

Slap playing has come along this year, but with all the madness the past 3 1/2 months haven't had much practice time. Still, my playing was good enough to land me a gig with a funk band w/horn section which I needed to walk away from to take care of my family.

Singing backing vox has made progress. Still not all there, but definitely more comfortable singing and playing at the same time.

Harmonics - haven't needed to use these so no progress to speak of. Maybe I'll just sit down, write out all the harmonics I know, then write down all the chords I could use them over and just hang on to the list.

Fretless - as long as I'm looking at the lines, I'm OK. If you gave me a nekkid board with no lines, I'd be lost. Hasn't been a big priority, but I'll get there eventually.

One area of unexpected progress - I'm at the point where if I'm playing a run up the neck I know whether the next note is a minor third or a major second away (pentatonic scale, of course). Nice to have that in my head so I'm not guessing at the next note. Nothing I really worked on but it just kind of came about as a by product of playing.

Goals for 2012 -

Haven't really thought on this yet but probably some of the following:

1) Work on developing my slap vocabulary, especially soloing and fills. I can lay down a basic groove, but I fall short on the embellishments.
2) Spend some serious time working on my walking. Haven't done this in a while and it'd be nice to come back to.
3) Take some musicdojo courses.

I saw a signature over on TB that I really liked "More Mel Bay, less eBay". LMAO!
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