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Michael Grimm

Postby Cheap Bass Tard » Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:52 pm

Any of you guys follow America's Got Talent?

I like the sideshow atmosphere and there's always a few talented vocalists who make it pretty far.

Last season's surprise was Michael Grimm who absolutely blew me away with his gritty, soulful voice - swamp just dripping off every note.

Finally got a chance to give his brand new album (I've been anxiously waiting on) a listen and pretty much threw up multiple times in my mouth then dry heaved in my mouth some more.

Pure, unadulterated commercial pop bogshite (as the folks across the pond say).

Robotic metronomic beat with the rhythm section way on top of the beat, basically just sucked the soul out of all his music.

Yeah, he's a millionaire, but somewhere deep in his heart, he knows he sold out who he really was for a huge payday.

I am a phenomenally disappointed former fan.

Aside: one of the beautiful things about doing this for a hobby is that I can play the kind of music I like and still get paid.
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Re: Michael Grimm

Postby Golem » Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:24 pm


Don't know beans about Grimm or any of those fairytale shows,
but maybe he sold out or MAYBE it's just "studio syndrome" aka
"SS". Around here, SS rears its uglee mug on many a studio bred
album by players who have been [and still are] terrific as a live
show. I suspect SS is often an engineering thing, just too much
technical massaging toward "perfection" by OCD engineers, not
really the bands selling out. But, as I said, I don't know Grimm
about beans. You've heard him, I haven't. But ask yourself if it
seems to be his doing, or engineering, or his "handlers" doing.

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