New les paul bass on the way!

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New les paul bass on the way!

Postby CrimsonGhost » Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:03 pm

Hi there fellas, haven't posted around these parts in a LOONNG time, It seems to never end, get one bass or project bass finish it up,, keep it for 6mos to a year and swap out for somthing different..

I have owned a 96' Gibson les paul bass a few years back, got it dirt cheap and ended up swapped that out for a different bass. well that gibson was one that got away, lol
anyways, later on a reluctantly decided what the hell, and I picked up the epiphone version of the les paul bass. Ended up once again going back to a P-bass,... Had the itch for one of these again, saw these pictures and dumped the p on ebay for dirt cheap after i stumped on this.

Compared to the Gibson its modeled from the epi is a really great underrated bass! the fit and finish on these are very very good, fretwork, etc are nice, the neck is dead nuts about the same as the gibson and they sound good too, to my ears these sound as fat , but are a bit clearer in the mix,.. Possibly due to the maple neck?

Cant wait for it to arrive, planning on a few mods,
hipshot ultra lights with clover heads for a more traditional look,
an early Thunderbird style tail piece,
a set of rio grand pitbulls
and back of the neck sanded to bare wood.

I know a lot of your guys are purists... But if you have the "real deal" and can find one of these give em a shot you'll be pleasantly surprised!
very balanced, comfortable, and very versatile tone-wise. these can do a fatter p-bass, and a nice growl as well.


I'll try to keep it longer than a year... lol

Re: New les paul bass on the way!

Postby harleyyy » Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:10 pm

Congrats CG, I've played one, they are beasts for sure, good to see you back. [smilie=grinning-smiley-003.gif]
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