Tbird Owners

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Tbird Owners

Postby Kevin Probass Borden » Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:05 pm

My next article in Premier Guitar is centered around Gibson Tbirds. Want a chance to show off your Birds? I need a hi-pixel photo of your
A) 60s reverse II or IV
B) 60s non-reverse II or IV
C) 76 or 79 Bird
D) Newer bird thats something special

Only requirement - no refins and all orig parts

You will get full credit for the photo and ownership from the magazine. I will need an "ok to use" email if I use your photo..
Kevin Probass Borden

Re: Tbird Owners

Postby Elvis_Hogjaw » Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:44 am

Hey Kebo !

im a t-bird addict, and i've got a couple of questions for the experience bird guys..

ceramic soap bars vs steel case humbuckers....tones ?
I find the ceramic soap bars are 'soapy', they lose definition in the mid range. i tend to dislike them. however comma, the steel case humbuckers (smaller, but still with ceramic magnets) sound thin and have if anything, a bit too much of mid, or the right amount of mid and no bottom. any thoughts ??

neck dive. i've had to fix every gibson/epi ive had by putting the strap peg on the location of what would be the bottom *left screw on a 4 screw bolt on neck, they hang right straight up when you do that. ANY other position i've tried, the neck dives.

mahogany vs alder and maple...

hog bodies and necks tend to sound very muddy, hard to get snappy tone. the alder bodies have snap, but no low growl. i have a korina explorer and it has the perfect wood tone. i wonder why tbirds were never made in korina?

i played one of the newer epi neck through tbird pros, and i hated it. the jazz neck is too skinny for a gibson design, and the active pickups seem to betray the tbird sound and make it sound like a 'session player' bass. great susteain, but it doesn't really feel or sound or play like a t-bird.

that's it for now. i don't hink i have that article yet, but i've read a bunch of your other ones.

~ e out


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