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Re: Houduh Thunket

Postby Barklessdog » Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:57 pm

Funny but my non reverse has that wonderful clean warm tone you speak of, but my maple top LP with hot pups does not, it's somewhat blurry and dirty sounding, but great for rock.
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Re: Houduh Thunket

Postby Golem » Wed Jan 23, 2008 1:19 pm

Barklessdog wrote:Thats why Billy Sheehan added one to his P bass originally, you mix the mud in or out and still have the crisp tone, but with woof .......

Yup. Thaz the deal. RIght now, I get my main tone from the bridge PU [which is not crazy-close to the bridge] and then dial in the mudd to expand the bottom. I hafta beware not to pour on too much mudd or it smothers the main tone. Simple enuf procedure, stopping in just the right place to maintain clarity, right ? Sure is. But I suspect that if the big bottom were less impenatrable, I could dial in more of it ... yet still maintain clarity.

Graphically, I picture the big bottom like a feather bed. It can be smothering. But I don't wanna make it thinner, I just wanna make a coupla windows in it. Thaz why the para-EQ seems like an idea. I heard of envolope filters, but don't know what they do. The very name, "Envelope Filter" suggests [to me, but I been wrong before] that maybe that is another way to let the light shine thru the mudd here and there, without washing the mudd away. What do envelope filters really do, anywayz ??


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