Needs some help

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Needs some help

Postby deedub72 » Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:03 pm

Hey all I am new to the forum...

I am new to Wal basses, I ran across this fretless Wal it is a great bass sounds amazing but I just cannot get comfortable with the fretless thing. Can someone out there confirm if this is a MKII...I am going to be selling this bass and will be sticking with my fretted Laklands! any help would be really appreciated...this is a great bass and I hate to put it up on ebay but I need to sell this bass...I am not trying to pimp this bass here on the forum! I really just do not know much about these basses, I bought it from an estate a while back and never really researched it and what research I did find was very limited. ... 0_0602.jpg ... 0_0609.jpg ... 0_0599.jpg ... 0_0600.jpg ... 0_0603.jpg ... 0_0605.jpg

Re: Needs some help

Postby hippiesandwich » Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:33 pm

Looks like a Mk I. Does it have 21 "frets"?
A Mk II has a larger body and 24 frets.
A Mk III has a smaller body & 24 frets.

From left to right: I,II,III:
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