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Cheap on the 'Bay

Postby chrisfbass » Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:43 am

I have just watched a Mk2 4 string fretless sell for just £1850.00.
(ebay number 280212102402)

Last year such a bass would have fetched over £2000. There were zero
bids until the last hour and then two snipes in the last minute.
Congrats to the new owner - is he here?



Re: Cheap on the 'Bay

Postby bigsnack » Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:28 pm

Wow, what a beautiful bass, and not a bad price considering what I have seen them go for over the past 2 years! For better or worse, whether it's wise or not, I think people are holding back to see what the price list will be for new Wals when they do become available. At the very least, I think the mentality of "I better get one now at any price, because it may be my only chance" is waning. I guess we will see what the future holds for Wal!

Re: Cheap on the 'Bay

Postby hippiesandwich » Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:00 pm

With the US dollar in the toilet that's still almost $3700.
The new Wal price list is supposed to be reaching into the Fodera range (not even counting the exhange rate), so good luck if you think you'll be able to order a new one for less than used.

Pretty bass though.
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Re: Cheap on the 'Bay

Postby jimwal » Sun Apr 06, 2008 1:05 am

Now that original Electric Wood Wals are a fixed number, and given that they're arguably the best basses ever built, and that those who own them love them too much to sell them (unless it's for a healthy profit) - given all this, the value can only really go in one direction. That the price curve briefly dipped with regard to one instrument does not indicate a general trend. Had the seller put a reserve of £2200 on that bass, he would have made it sooner or later.

As a general rule of thumb, Wals will be worth more and more each year, and will naturally trace a value curve that reflects their rarity and unique quality. Remember that owners will increasingly want to hang on to their Wals and fewer and fewer will come to market.

When the new guy starts making the Wal brand - and I wish him every success - this will only increase the value of the originals. That's how it works. For instance, the new Zemaitis guitars built in Japan are a very high end guitar and are beautifully built. You can spend a good few thousand GBP on one, but an original built in the Tony Zemaitis workshop in the UK may now fetch in the region of £25000 - a whole different order of magnitude.

Three final bits of perspective: firstly, if you smoke lead brand cigarettes in the UK and burn 20+ per day, you smoke approximately one Wal every year. Secondly if I were offered 20 other high end basses in exchange for one of my Wals (not to sell, just to own and play) I'd refuse right away. Thirdly the price of a Wal to a bass player is same as a 20 year old, well used, fairly average upright piano to a pianist. Reckon bass players have got it easy in this respect!

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