Essential Bass Concepts DVD - Dave LaRue

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Essential Bass Concepts DVD - Dave LaRue

Postby Cheap Bass Tard » Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:02 pm

This is one I'd recommend dropping the coin on.

He starts with the assumption that you already know how to play so all that here's how to finger a string crap is out of the way.

Starts off with some basic hand positioning stuff, then goes right into some exercises for finger strengthening and for fretting hand accuracy. I just ran through a few of these and realized that A - my fingers could use a little strengthening and B - my technique could use a little cleaning up. So I believe there are some useful exercises in here to improve your playing. Additionally, watching LaRue run the "spider" using 16th note triplets is worth the price of admission. This guy is a BEAST of a player.

Next section focuses a lot on slap playing and in particular, some of the various slap/pop combinations and hammer-on licks that are pretty standard in the slap vernacular. I think he does a better job of laying this out than any of the other slap videos I've spent time on. He also has quite a few examples in there of how to apply these licks. In other words, he doesn't just give you a bunch of "vocabulary words" like many of the other slap videos, but also shows how to use them in "sentences". But this is more of an improve your playing DVD than a technique DVD. Still, there's stuff in there that I plan on learning and incorporating into my slap playing (I'm just focused on another book right at this time).

Next he goes into a discussion of modes. Fairly top-level so if you're unfamiliar with modes, this is not the video to get you up to speed on them. But he introduces some interesting solo concepts including modes, 2 octave arpeggios, and tetrachords. He also breaks down phrasing, using triplets to play tetrachords, playing 2-octave arpeggios (6 notes) over 4 beat measures, playing 5 note groupings a la Jaco over 4 beat measures, etc... There's a whole pile of material in here to spend a lot of time working on to really beef up your soloing skills.

In summary, there's a couple years worth of stuff to work on crammed into a single DVD that won't insult your musical intelligence.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Rating: 4 out of 5 strings
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