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Stolen from Mario Batali, who stole it from Italy...
Pick asparagus that is medium thickness. Smaller diameter than a dime, larger than a #2 pencil.
Snap off the woody end.

Quick blanch the asparagus, maybe 30 sec or less - ice it down - you still want crisp!
Dry it off, get a griddle going - or a grill. Get some olive oil on it if it isn't non-stick. Get a thin caot of oil on the asparagus. Put a nice sear on it, get it brown in spots.

When you're happy with the coloring, doneness pull it and top with good, freshly shredded Parmesan cheese, some lemon zest ad a little lemon juice.

Cook 1 fried egg sunny side up per diner. Keep that yolk runny.

Egg on top of a serving of asparagus, bust the yolk and 'de constructed' hollandaise happens... Cracked black pepper and salt to taste... Need more protein, add an egg or maybe a chicken thigh rubbed and grilled. I rather like just olive oil and lemon pepper, preferably lemon pepper from the on line or local to you store, Savory.

Super easy and light.
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